Why Speaking Is Essential For Business To Thrive?

Why Speaking Is Essential For Business To Thrive?

Why Speaking Is Essential For Business To Thrive?


– the fear of public speaking is ranked as the number one fear of humankind. Yes, that’s right, people will prefer death over public speaking. This may sound very strange but abnormal physical symptoms like sweating, anxiety, tied tongue, are huge obstacles between a person and his journey of public speaking. Hence, a person prefers to be a backbencher to avoid circumstances where they have to address an audience and share their opinions.

You can hate speaking in front of an audience, but if you’re a businessman, you cannot avoid it. Imagine you have a world-changing idea but how will you make sure that your team knows about it? Will you convey it to them individually? Or will email suffice the excitement that you behold for that phenomenal idea? Nothing can substitute a face-to-face conversation. Hence, for your team to give their hundred per cent, they need to hear it from you, to bring your ideas into existence.

No matter how daunting it seems, public speaking is a learnable skill. You can be an exceptional public speaker if you set your mind to it and here are five reasons how it can affect your business for good.

  1. Helps you become a better leader
    The key to a successful business is not the idea, it is the leader who makes that idea come to life. Your employees will always look up to you for motivation and inspiration. How will you do that if you fail to communicate with them effectively?
  2. Develops the skill of persuasion
    As a businessman, there will be endless situations where you have to make others believe in you. Your authority as a thought leader will be established when you’re able to move others with your ideas. Your clients and shareholders will believe in your company if you can persuade them to believe in you. This is not possible without learning the art of public speaking and constantly practising it.
  3. Helps you in delivering better presentations
    Imagine you’re in your board meeting and you need to pitch your stakeholders for a massive change. You have prepared a killing presentation on your laptop but you don’t know how to convey it to your audience. You cannot make them read your presentation. What good will it do to your presence? A presentation is not just about the slides, it is about the way a presenter presents themselves.
  4. Helps in bringing clarity to the conversation
    Public speaking is not just about addressing the public, it is much more than that. When you address a group of people, everything matters – your voice modulation, your pitch, your body movement, everything. Becoming an effective public speaker is about understanding the intricacies of your presence and choosing its reaction wisely.
  5. Helps in becoming a critical thinker
    When you address your employees, you have to think about your words. You have to research and become thoroughly confident about what you’re going to say. You just cannot go and say whatever comes to your mind. You have to think critically to understand all the possible impacts of your words.

Consider the points above, start your journey of becoming a public speaker and become a better businessman.

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