What Is Public Speaking And Why Is It Important?

Public speaking is the art of communicating with a wider audience. Unlike, one-on-one intimate conversation, public speaking is about addressing people and presenting your beliefs and ideas in front of them. The motive of public speaking could vary. It could be delivered to educate, motivate, inspire, or entertain the audience.

Public speaking is different from the casual talk. In a casual talk, there might be a chance for speaker and audience interaction. But in a public speaking setting, the speaker stands in front of the audience in authority. Public speaking is different from online speeches too. Mainly because online videos could be shot in parts and might have been a combination of several takes. But with public speaking, if anything goes wrong, the speaker has to manage it upfront, just like a live performance.

Hence, public speaking gauges a person on various levels. It helps to understand if the person is confident, knowledgeable, and possesses leadership skills. This is one of the major reasons why college curriculums have started including public speaking in their course. Even the school kids are encouraged to recite poems and speeches so that they can overcome the fear of public speaking from an early age.

Why Is Public Speaking Important?
Even though people are scared of public speaking more than death, public speaking is a learnable life skill. Nonetheless, in today’s world of networking, it is important to demonstrate your personality.

Public speaking helps you in becoming a better communicator by learning voice modulations and body language. When someone becomes proficient in public speaking, they not only learn how to speak, they also build an overall personage. Along with that, public speaking also helps in:

  • Improving confidence
  • Honing research skills
  • More potent deductive skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Networking with people
  • Building personal brand

With these benefits, it is important to understand that public speaking has become a vital and must-known life skill. Hence, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to learn it. It is never too late to start, you never know, maybe your next promotion, client deal, or college award is waiting for you!

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