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What Are The Common Fears Of Public Speaking?

We all have witnessed moments of being frozen on the stage, shivering, heart throbbing, and filled with anxiety. Yes, it’s the big task of speaking in front of thousands of people. Studies show that 77% of the population exhibits Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking. That means even you have witnessed the flight situation while stepping up on a podium somewhere.

What makes this job a difficult one? Alasdair, a 6 figure public speaker shares it!


When you are overwhelmed by a crowd you can forget certain parts of your speech or agenda of the session. This leads to compensation by fillers and silence that often bores your spectators.

To overcome this fear, all you have to do is speak in front of the mirror and repeat your lines to your stage. Think like you are speaking to a group of friends and nail your next speaking session.

Fear Of Naysayers

No matter what you speak about, there will always be some people in the crowd who will criticize and oppose your views. They don’t mean any harm, but their interest varies from yours. The best solution to this predicament is to ignore them and keep moving towards success.

Your path to success will always be laden with hurdles, but you cannot let that stop you! You need to recover quickly from objections and make it a habit to be unaffected by the opinions of others. Your plan should be to swoon away the supporters, and when you are confident, the naysayers will also become your friends.

Fear Of Doubt

Am I good enough? Will I be able to satisfy the motive of this session? These are some of the questions that pop up in your mind while stepping on the stage. Remember, if you doubt yourself, the audience might also get confused about your credibility.

To get rid of this doubt, do extensive research on your topic and have a clear mindset about the message that you need to deliver to the audience.

Public speaking can be difficult only when we make it a burden. In the generic sense, it is just human beings sharing their ideas, feelings, and experience with people who have the same goals in life.

Public speaking should not be dreaded but you should be proud of yourself for delivering great messages to the world. So cherish every moment of your speaking session and inspire people through your words without fear.

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