The 50k Challenge: Just one more thing...

Step 1.

Share the promotional video on Facebook

Use the Hashtags #£50kChallenge or #6FigureSpeaker

Just click on the button below to share Alasdair’s promotional video of the 50k challenge to all of your friends and family!

Step 2.

tag two friends in alasdair's original promotional facebook post!

Just click on the button below to go and tag at least two of your friends in the comments of Alasdair’s original promotional Facebook post!

Step 3.

Make sure you get your FREE Copy of Alasdair's Book "6 figure Speaker"

Just click on the button below to buy Alasdair’s latest book 6 Figure Speaker “Turning Passion Into Profit”.
It has some excellent information and all you need to do is just cover the postage!

Step 4.

Book your Place at the Six Figure Speaker Summit

You must book on to attend the The Six Figure Speaker Summit before December 31st 2021. This is a requirement, Applications will not be considered if you miss this step out. 


Use the checklist to tick off each activity to continue to the next step. We wish you the best of luck!

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