Tell The World

Price: £3,995.00

When you attend Tell The World you will go through a journey of transformation. The event is designed to push you to your limits in order to help you grow and develop into a new you! You will spend four days with Alasdair and his team, Alasdair is so confident in this program that he knows if you commit you will become the best possible version of yourself.

Business Intensive Blueprint

Price: £2,995.00

This program is designed to open your eyes to the possibilities, opportunities and freedom that being a business owner can bring you. Over the two days, we will uncover our blueprint for starting and running a Six-Figure Business.

Marketing To The Masses

Price: £2,995.00

The two most important parts of any business are sales and marketing! Marketing is an art and is often ignored by many business owners as they just assume people will come to their business. In 2021 people are bombarded with information and opportunities so if you want your business to thrive and not just survive then you need to take the marketing of you and your business VERY seriously.

Stacking The Sales

Price: £2,995.00

Selling doesn’t need to be feared or seen as a dirty word. The fact is if you cannot sell then you will never make any money in business. FACT. Get used to selling if you want to be successful and the sooner you do this the sooner you will start to be successful.

Ultimate Leadership Camp

Price: £3,995.00

Are you ready to step up and Lead?

If so then this event is a MUST for you! The event is run LIVE over three days and you will be pushed beyond what you believe you’re capable of, as we’ve designed this program to transform you into the next business leader.

Your team will need you so you better be ready to step up! Are you Ready?

Business Mastery

Price: £3,995.00

This event is something special, you’ll come and spend two days with myself and my business mentors to really hone in on your business. At the Business Mastery, we focus on looking for gaps in your business, Often we find that people are so “in it” that they miss out on what’s right in front of them and this includes many opportunities.

1 2 1 Business Mentoring

We know that with all new ventures sometimes training isn’t enough for you, often you can get lost in all the content and what happens is you end up doing nothing, and that’s never going to get you where you desire to be.